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Friday, 15 September 2017

Paradigm shift

Some rather frugal editing has been made of the months May 2017 - September 2017.

I've long been obsessed by the Flatiron building in NYC ever since I saw Edward Steichen's image from 1904. I tried to straight rip it during my visit to the states but my angle maybe a little off. Anyway, it's profound to see these buildings (and trees) in person having glimpsed them from a time when top hats were in vogue.
The Flatiron, May 2017

The Flatiron, Edward Steichen, 1904

Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn

Liberty Island

Raquel and Leigh, Newquay Cornwall

Gamblers Anonymous coin

Josh and Frankie

Alex, Back of Beyond, Reading

Dutty, Kings Meadow, Reading

David with skateboard


Dutty getting inked at Bristol Tattoo Convention

Dad getting inked at Bristol Tattoo convention

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

David skating outside Reading station
Legend, Butchers Arms pub, Reading

Legend, Kings Meadow, Reading

Ben and Chris at Milk, Reading

Raquel, College Green, Bristol

Leigh, Newquay Cornwall

Raquel, Weymouth


Raquel, Weymouth

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The weeks drag. The years fly.

Weeks drag, years fly. A statement uttered by Ben in one those strange moments of philosophical profundity and layman insight he's inclined to have after the seventh drink.

It's been the longest stretch since the beginning of my photographic endeavours that I've posted here, which isn't to say I've been weaned from photography; far from it. But geopoltical macrocosm's and personal events have shifted priorities and circumstances to an obscene degree leaving enthusiasm towards anything, particularly editing through images, at low ebb.

Of course there have been political fluctuations both here and across the pond that have become so distressing that I can no longer bring myself to open a newspaper. But also, on a more personal level, I have had to contend with personal loss in the form of Dan and Georgia, two friends who passed away last October. And also my mother, who suddenly passed last month and is something no amount of going straight back to work to occupy myself is allowing me to ignore/accept/comprehend as yet.

However, I have taken some comfort in the outpouring of support from friends, who have come out in force and some which I haven't seen in 6+ years. And also I've been going back through images from the past 8-9 months and editing them down to an acceptable few. The images in these three concurrent posts are, firstly, from 2017 onwards, the post below that is picking up where I left off in Summer 2016.

A Kings Meadow reunion: Drinking at 'The Tree' for the first time in a decade. March 2017
At Kings Meadow, 2005
At Kings Meadow, 2017

Dean, March 2017

Ben at his flat, March 2017
Legend at the Purple Turtle, March 2017

Raquel at Bag o Nails, April 2017


Me and Adam, reunion after 6 years

Mark Claus

Raquel at Kongs

David at Kongs

Bag o Nails cat

July - December 2016

The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club, 1985
Pilgrimage to Manchester for The Smiths, 2016



Alex & Luke

Little brother Dutty

Roddy at the flat

Heroin kit

Frankie & Josh, Boxing day 2016

David, Boxing day 2016

Alex at Bens flat, Christmas Day ,2016
Ben, Christmas Day, 2016